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Privacy Statement

If you agree to access or receive information from us/our website, such as news through our newsletters or direct mail, we will ask for your information. The information will include your name and email address or phone number sometime.

If you provide the information where you are asked to do so, such as when commenting or sending us a message, you allow us, our team, to provide the information you requested or to contact you when the need arise.

Cookies Use

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Use Of Information

We will only use your information for certain purposes, including “business relations”, which means that we may contact you regarding the information you provided or requested.

We will keep your information secure, except where required by law to disclose it.

If you write or post inappropriate information anywhere, or to, or otherwise engage in inappropriate behavior, we will use your information to stop that behavior.

Keeping Information

We will keep your information on our servers for as long as necessary to do the right thing. When you make a contribution to our website, we will keep your information for as long as there is a need to do so.


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