U.S Is Source Of Chaos In Middle East – Putin

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has aimed to portray the United States as the primary source of the issues faced in the Middle East. He claims that Washington bears responsibility for the destructive disorder prevailing in the region.

According to Putin, it has become evident today who is responsible for planning the disastrous turmoil and who gains from it. In his perspective, it is the present governing authorities of the United States and their allies who primarily profit from the instability around the globe.

It is worth noting that Putin’s own Russian forces have been engaged in bombing opposition forces in Syria for a considerable period. He stated that it was unjustifiable to cause the death of innocent individuals, and emphasized that establishing a Palestinian state was crucial in finding a solution to the dispute.

Putin accused Ukraine and western countries of being responsible for the protest at a Dagestan airport on Sunday, which occurred after a flight from Israel was set to arrive.