Senufo Traditional Attire: An Expression Of Identity And Tradition

The traditional attire worn by the Senufo people from Côte D’Ivoire is unique and distinctive. It is usually made out of brightly colored fabrics, such as yellow, red, and white.

The clothing is usually loose-fitting and is made for comfort and practicality. Women often wear a long skirt or wrap skirt with different colored strips along the bottom, and sometimes a blouse with colorful embroidery. Men usually wear wrap pants with colorful stripes along the sides and a long shirt.

The men’s shirt is usually decorated with embroidery or applique of various symbols. Women often wear a head wrap, which is usually held in place by a colorful headband. Both men and women wear jewelry, such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

The Senufo people use their traditional clothing to show their pride in their culture and beliefs. It is also a way of expressing their identity and celebrating their traditions.