Nigeria buys warship after 41 years

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The Nigerian Navy is planning to launch a new naval vessel in the United Arab Emirates.

According to President Buhari’s media adviser, Bashir Ahmad, the plane will be launched in June.

“It will be launched in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates next month.”

The plane is 100 meters long and will carry weapons.

“This is a major development, the last time Nigeria has launched such an aircraft (called the LST for short) since 1979 – 41 years ago.”

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The LST is used to transport weapons such as tanks and rockets that cross from one area to another.

In addition, fighter jets can land on it.

Nigerian authorities have recently announced that they have purchased a number of US warplanes, which are also scheduled to be delivered soon.

Nigeria faces security challenges, including those of Boko Haram in the northeast and bandits in the northwest, as well as militants of the outlawed IPOB in the southeast.