Islam’s Future In Igboland

The fate of Islam in southeastern Nigeria will be determined by the many elements as well as more recent advancements. Factors such as the current relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims, regional influences shaping the political and economic landscape, and personal beliefs will all play a vital role.

The main issue revolves around the strained relationship between the Igbo people and the federal government since 2015. This is particularly noticeable in the belief that the southeast region has been neglected in terms of government initiatives and growth endeavors.

As a result, along with the ongoing Boko Haram insurgency, Bandits, anti-Islamic sentiment has recently intensified within the Igbo community. There is an expectation that the newly developed Nso Koran that is translated in Igbo Language will serve as a source of guidance for Igbo Muslims, promoting dialogue and fostering peaceful coexistence among different religious groups.