How To Use Garlic For Devil Casting And Protection

Garlic has long been used in spell casting and is known for its ability to ward off evil and create powerful protection shields. While many people use garlic for protection from evil, it can also be used for banishing evil entities from your life.

It is believed that the strong smell of garlic is a deterrent to evil spirits. In ancient times, garlic was hung around the home or placed over doorways to keep evil spirits away. It was also put in food and drinks to protect against malicious entities.

To use garlic for devil casting, start by placing a few cloves of garlic in a bowl and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as lavender or rosemary. Place the bowl in the center or every corner of your workspace or room and say a prayer that is focused on banishing evil from your life, workspace or home.

Next, you can garlic oil on your in daily basis, it can banish devil from your life. And this should provide you with protection from any negative influences and help to keep you safe in the name of almighty God.

God is the all-knower!