A Glimpse Into The Traditional Attire Of Graffi People

The traditional attire worn by the Graffi people from the North West region of Cameroon has been in existence for centuries. Women typically wear wrappers adorned with brightly-colored panels that feature intricate embroidery and beadwork. It is coupled with an apron and a sleeveless bodice or blouse. Head-ties are also an essential part of the ensemble.

However, the traditional attire varies according to age and marital status. Unmarried women wear a black head-tie and a long wrapper that reaches down to their ankles. Married women wear patterned wrappers that reach their mid-calf and are accompanied by beautifully crafted head-ties.

The traditional attire for men consists of a long shirt, a pair of loose trousers tied above the ankles and often complemented by colorful beadwork and embroidery. It is paired with an embroidered cap or a traditional headgear made out of leather and feathers.

Historically, the traditional attire of the Graffi people was said to demonstrate their devotion to their culture. The intricate design and craftsmanship displayed in the draping fall of wrappers, bodices and headwear can be seen to represent entry into adulthood as well as a sign of respect for their traditions, beliefs and values.