2021: Pilgrims hurled medicated stones at devil (Satan)

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This year’s pilgrims used a stone sprayed with antibiotics to cast a devil (Satan) on this Tuesday in accordance with anti-coronavirus rules.

This morning, a small number of pilgrims headed to Jamratul Aqabah in Mina near Mecca to cast a devil.

Pilgrims wearing sandals and hirams, each used seven stones to throw the devil, a stone that was wrapped in small bags.

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In the past few years, thousands of pilgrims have lost their lives at the shrine as a result of the riots, but this year there has been no such incident, with the Hajj pilgrims being able to move freely.

For the second year in a row, Saudi authorities have reduced the number of pilgrims to 60,000 in a bid to stem the spread of corona.

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Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam that is obligatory for a Muslim if gain power once in a lifetime.